The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

29 June, 2017

Barn Hill

Barn Hill Beachside Station stay is situated on Thangoo Station a beef cattle station in the Kimberley. The caravan park is situated on the beach and is part of the 50km of rugged coastline on the Indian Ocean.

We stayed for 5 days taking long walks along the beach to the furtherest point in the bay a 3km walk one way. The non powered camping area offers a great view with spectacular sunset viewing. The rugged cliffs offer some interesting rock formations.

Barn Hill also has a 2 lane bowling green which is repaired at the beginning of each season as the cows roam freely during the summer months.  Sat and watched a great competition going on one day - a bit too competative for me.

Hels amongst the Mulla Mulla overlooking the beach at sunset.
Looking back towards the caravan park, non powered back onto the cliff and powered to the right of photo.
The Barn Hill bowling green.
Sunset from our site between the other campers
Interesting rock formation on the beach at Barn Hill
Another pic of the beach from the caravan park. It's a 3km walk around to the LH point.
Sunset from the beach

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