The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

14 June, 2017

Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park set in the Hamersley Range in the heart of the Pilbra, is one of my favourite places in Australia. It was great to revisit some of the gorges and appreciate the spectacular scenery. Karijinj is WA second largest National Park, approx 627,000 hectares and offers breathtaking gorges and stoney tree-lined water courses.

After coffee at Oxer Lookout we ventured down to walk Weano gorge to Handrail pool. What more can I say but enjoy the photos.

Oxer Junction Pool Lookout 

First obstacle was this water crossing - we watched with interest as the backpacker group waded to the other side.

Had to cling to the rock wall to avoid falling into the neck deep water - we did witness a few slip in!

A few trees in the wider part of the gorge

Gorge narrows as we go further in towards Handrail Pool

Foot placement was critical as we transversed the slippery rocks

Handrail Pool

Handrail Pool - note handrail on right hand side of photo which guides you down the rocks to the pool level.

Helen having a rest - note the white legs!!

Helen was not alone while resting - this little fella blended nicely into the rocks.

Circular Pool from the Lookout - Dales Gorge

Looking across Dales Gorge

Fortesque Falls - Dales Gorge
The next day we travelled past Wittenoom, a ghost town where asbestosis was originally mined and closed in 1966, to Hamersley Gorge. This gorge has magnificent colours and in some areas the rock appears wave like.

Scenery as we approach Hamersley Gorge

Having coffee overlooking the gorge - need caffeine before venturing down into the gorge!

Colours in the rocks and looking down on a pool

Half way down the steps into Hamersley Gorge

In the gorge

At the top of the gorge looking back at Spa Pool - unfortunately access to this pool is restricted
Beautiful spot in Hamersley Gorge

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