The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

24 January, 2013

Kimberley Kamper

I'm dedicating this post to our Kimberley Kamper, it's just been sold and we are now nearly ready to make tracks to Qld and pick up the new home.

We had the Kimberley for 9 years and found it a great camper.  Moving from tents with the family the Kimberley was just for Hels and myself, although on occasion there was the odd swag on the floor.

The experiences we had travelling through some of the Australian deserts, Vic Alps and around the Top End have been great.  We loved being able to set it up quickly and sleep in a dry dust free bed after travelling for days on a dirt road was great.

The Kimberley was always reliable strong and robust, and excellent to tow, even on the most undulating roads.  It would have been great to keep but not having a shed for storage we will move onto the comforts of a caravan.

Enjoy the piccies;
Hay River Nth Simpson July 2007
Hay River Nth Simpson July 2007

Roadside bush camp Nth Glendambo Dec 2011

Xmas 2011 West Beach C/P

Xmas 2011 West Beach C/P

Gillards Camp Ground NSW January 2012

Bendeela Recreation Area NSW January 2012

Hervey Bay Feb 2012

Marella Hole WA August 2012

Beachport SA January 2006 

Facing Island (Gladstone) March 2009

 Yeppoon Jan 2009

Quondong Point WA August 2012

Towns River NT July 2008

Devils Marbels January 2011

Devils Marbles Dec 2011
Flinders Rangers SA April 2005