The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

28 December, 2016


On Boxing Day packed up and left Adelaide heading to Auburn to House sit for a couple of weeks - the car was loaded down with all that we had eaten and drunk since arriving in Adelaide!  Briony had a few days off so she came with us - had to stop at Bunnings on the way as I was eager to spend my Christmas money and brought a Ryobi drill and impact driver.  On this occasion we stayed in the house because we could not bring the Caravan in the drive as guests were staying in the B&B. On arrival the rain had started so had to do a lot of running in and out to bring our food etc into the house.

Auburn house sit, just mowed the lawn.
Made acquaintances with the cat (Timmy Tiger) and chickens (Black-beauty & Henrietta) and settled into the home.  That night a huge storm came through - I slept through but Helen could not sleep due to the noise of the wind.  In the morning she was surprised to see little damage as she imagined all the trees to be blown down & chickens flying around in the wind!!  The following day when we drove Briony back to Adelaide we noticed a lot of debris on the road as we detoured via Balaklava and Mallala as the Rhynie road was closed due to large pine trees across the road.

Mike and myself after sampling at the Old Bastard winery Clare
Friends Mike and Joy came up and we visited a few wineries before celebrating the New Year (it was a bit of a struggle to stay awake after our tastings!!).  We thoroughly enjoyed our House sit as the township of Auburn is very pretty and ideal for exploring the Clare Valley.  I was able to ride the bike every morning along the Riesling Trail and as the weather warmed up we enjoyed having a pool.

Our site at the Auburn Recreation Caravan Park
Michael & Kathy came back after having a great holiday and we moved to the Auburn Caravan Park for a couple of days.  Drove down to Adelaide to celebrate my birthday with Briony, having a great lunch at the Kentish Hotel followed by icecream at St Louis in North Adelaide.

20 December, 2016

Adelaide for Christmas

After completing my Santa training it was now time to work! For 2 weeks I worked in Santa's Wonderland @ Wayville in Adelaide and most days completed a 10 hour day!  The centre was great for the kids - certainly enjoyed the joy that kids get from seeing Santa.  Each day I came home with letters and gifts including a little girl's dummy that she handed over to Santa!!!  By the end of the 2 weeks I was exhausted but happy to be part of the Christmas festivities.  Was also called upon to step into the Santa role at the Brickworks Shopping Centre where I walked around the centre meeting the kids and having photos taken. At the end of my working stint I am very relieved that Santa only comes once a year!

Inside Santa's Wonderland @ Wayville

It's all good for Santa!
During the build up to Christmas we celebrated many times with family and friends - so wonderful to catch up with people and be amazed how the little nephew and neices are now parents of kids in their early twenties and late teens!!! Was also special to have Briony home to join in our Christmas celebrations and we thank everyone for their hospitality - we had a terrific time.

A wonderful Christmas Lunch hosted by David & Carol

Our Cactus cock Dinner - 'old' friends getting together for over 40 years

Geoff with sister Barbara & brother Colin