The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

27 December, 2012

Xmas in Darwin

When we got back from Broome & The Kimberley it was back to work for both Hels and myself.  We thought things would just trundle on as normal without much excitement until the next lot of holidays.  Hels went back to work on contract, processing data without getting too involved in the office politics, this suited her and makes work enjoyable.  For me work was a little slow and we were waiting for some tenders due later in the year (November), when the boss called me into the office for a chat!!  I had become surplus to requirements (redundant).  The first reaction was to find a job then Hels (bless her little cotton socks) said, "you don't really need to work"......... don't need to be told twice, so I thought I would give this retirement gig a go!  Hence from mid October I became the House Husband.

This meant we could plan on picking the caravan up in late February 2013 and continuing on the road full time, without coming back to Darwin for work.  Sounding better all the time!!

All I had to do was have dinner on the table, do the shopping and have the fridge full....not too tough.  After a couple of weeks I had tried for a couple of jobs, only wanting to work until January was a bit of a restriction, so not mutch work on offer, until the call came from the North Pole, extra Santa's were required.  So to get into the Xmas spirit I suited up for a couple of hours a day at the shopping centres as Santa.  Also had a ex-work kids party so was recalled to don the suit again.

Santa dropping off the pressies while Bruce the buffalo on guard.

Santa and the Elf make a quick exit down the water slide

Having caught up with the family in Adelaide in November we decided to stay in Darwin for Xmas this year and will again catch up with Todd in February and Briony in April while on the east coast.  Was certainly different without the family around.  We went to East Point with another couple, Les and Chris and had prawns and beer, a good day was had by all.  Les made a great seafood chowder for dinner that night which went down well with some more beer and wine.

Prawns & Beer overlooking the Darwin harbour
No RAIN on us DEER?

Our Xmas day view of storm developing out at over Darwin @ Berry Springs

Bring on the new year .......................