The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

01 July, 2016

Vanuatu - Megs wedding

With great excitement I flew Darwin/Brisbane/Pt Vila to attend friends (Megs & Andrew from Tennant Creek) Wedding on Erakor Island. With Geoff not coming, my sister accompanied me and we spent 6 fantastic days on this lovely island.  The wedding was beautiful (Briony was in the wedding) - they were married in an outside chapel followed by a traditional feast under a marque on the beach.  It  was great to meet most of the guests a couple of days prior to the wedding as on the day everyone knew each other and made the ceremony more intimate.  We had 5 wonderful nights on this Island and enjoyed the companionship of my sister Glenda and our daughter Briony.   Was also lovely to spend time with Megs, Andrew and their family and being looked after by the lovely people working on the Island. Their warm hospitality was greatly appreciated and I will certainly be taking Geoff to Erakor Island sometime soon.

Briony, sister Glenda and myself enjoying the wonderful hospitality 
The Wedding Party

Traditional dinner with entertainment - great night

The Wedding Ceremony