The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

24 October, 2014

Road Transport Hall of Fame, Alice Springs

Well you might ask ......... what were we doing in Alice after saying we were staying in and around Adelaide for a while.  In short, we had a problem with the Tojos throttle module system in Qld which reoccurred in Adelaide and while having this repaired (waiting in the car sales area), some how bought a new vehicle. As we have NT licences a quick trip to Alice was needed to register the truck!!

Not the new wheels, I couldn't afford the fuel!!!

We left the van in Port August and drove to Alice in a day, the next morning went and did the rego bit and was going to head straight back but thought we needed a territory fix so decided to stay for the day and take in some sights.  One of which was the Road Transport Hall of Fame, just south of town at the Shell Rimula Hall of Fame.

The Road Transport Hall of Fame is a volunteer based display which is dedicated to preserving Australia's unique road transport industry.  Alice Springs is also considered the birthplace of the road train and the first road train "Bertha" is on display.

The vehicles displayed take you through a mix of the very first types of transport in the early years to the modern trucks of today with the Kenworth Dealer Truck Museum dedication an entire shed for the most modern vehicles on display, which I believe is going to be bigger in the future.

The society has a reunion each year and people who have earned recognition from their colleagues are inducted into the Wall of Fame with many photographs covering the wall from each year - it's fascinating to walk reading names that are familiar to the quiet achievers in the industry.

I suggest it's well worth the time to visit, keeping in mind you could spend a whole day or more if you enjoy looking at trucks and reading about the history.

"Bertha" the first Road Train

Some of the old vehicles scattered around the displays

Lots of separate rooms displaying all sorts of memorabilia, from scale models to posters and engines.

Note the Wall of Fame in the background. This is from one year.

A selection of vintage vehicles around the displays