The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

06 July, 2017

Back in Broome again!

Got an early start from Barn Hill and arrived in Broome before the post office closed to collected our mail, gave the van a bit of a wash to get rid of some red dirt before setting up. Was settled into our home at Tarangau Caravan Park by lunchtime and look forward to spending the next 2 weeks here, my goal was to get to Cable Beach every day. Love coming back to Broome and naturally spending as much time on Cable Beach as we can. In previous visits we had visited many of the tourist highlights so this time we could really enjoy as the locals say "Broome Time".

Met up with friends from Adelaide, Manfred and Netty, and were able to share Happy Hour drinks on Cable Beach watching the sunset, great breakfast @ Town Beach Cafe, viewing staircase to the moon and having a great Friday night dinner at the Fishing club.  Helen and I also visited the various markets, and checked out the Sun Princess which docked at the wharf for a quick visit. Went for sunset drinks with Con, a friend from Darwin, at Gantheaume Point and another day drove around Reddell Beach and Redell Point to the deep water port.

The weather was perfect and suited our beach bum existence - even had dolphins and whales putting on a performance for us one day.  Even though we were in Broome at peak season, we did not experience the traffic to be too bad. It is expensive but will keep returning as we really enjoy the Broome laid back way of life.

This was our backyard for 2 weeks, Cable Beach. Achived my kpi's and made it to the beach every day!

Drinks as the sunsets at Cable Beach, Helen and Netty
A rough lot of tourists, well the blokes anyway!
Of course whats sunset on Cable beach without camels
There are 3 groups of camels, red, blue and this is the yellow.
Was impressed by these bikes with fat tyres, ideal for riding on the beach.
Quite an attraction with 100s to watch the sunset.
More wine please!
No caption required.
A large crowd gathered at Town Beach to watch the staircase to the moon.

My staircase to the moon photo
Lots of photos taken from every advantage point.

One of the boats at Gantheaume Point on sunset.

Gantheaume Point sunset
Interesting rocks on Reddell Beach
The Sun Princes at the Broome warf.

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