The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

30 April, 2017

Reflections of NZ

We are near the end of 7 weeks of house sitting in NZ and packing to head back to Australia. Back to the caravan and continue our travels.

We had been exposed to fruits we hadn't tried before seen cultural life completely different to what we would see in Australia. We have been able to share some experiences with friends we have meet in Australia in their own country.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in NZ qnd will definitely be back to explore more areas.

Zulu in the backyard

One of Zulu favourite spots in the clothes basket, while Helen enjoys the sunshine in the conservatory. 

Waiting for the rain to stop, where's the sun gone!

Nice sunny day, lawns mowed and edges trimmed 

Zulu hiding in the Countdown bag, in Australia it's Woolworths!

Feijoa from the garden. Helen stewed some - great with ice cream

Baked Marrow  (Zucchini) fresh from the garden

 Aussie and Kiwi mix for breakfast, fresh avocado on toast with Vegemite and pepper!

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