The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

26 May, 2017

Back in Oz and heading north

We arrived back in Adelaide from NZ and spent 2 weeks getting the van service, new tyres on the car and van plus some visits to doctors for the regulation check ups. A quick catch up with friends and relies before we finally hooked the van on and headed out of Adelaide. Our first night was Mt Pleasant catching up with Barbara and Rodney then onto one of our favourite parks at Auburn. We had planned to stay 2 nights but extended 3 times, Eric and Helen are great camp hosts and have a fire each night for happy hour so it's always hard to leave.

Our first camp - the sun was out but the temperature was low!

Saw this Echidna while looking for fire wood, a little shy, buried his head in the grass.

We needed to be in Hawker on Saturday to see Briony who was flying in from the Gold Coast for the Hawker races. Our first night out was a free camp about 8 km west of Orroroo. There was sufficent firewood to collect and have a small fire to keep warm as a chilly night was expected. Was so nice to be on the road again and sitting around a campfire.

This is the largest red gum tree in the district at 10.68m in circumference and estimated at greater than 500 years old. 

The Orroroo pub

In the morning it was a slow start as the overnight temperature would have been well below 10°C and this body doesn't like cold! We went back into Orroroo and had a look around town before continuing north to Carrington for morning coffee.

After finishing our coffee I was strolling down the street taking some photos when around the courner came a Model T Ford. The vehicle pulled up in the street and the chap got out for a stretch.  I asked where he and his support vehicle a early model Austin truck had come from. Norm explained they had left central Victoria about 6 weeks ago and had travelled through Tibooburra, Cameron Corner, Innamincka and finally Birdsville before coming down the Birdsville track and through the Flinders Ranges. Wow what a trip!

Norms Model T Ford on it's way home after the outback tracks

We carried onto Cradock as we had planned to stop behind the Cradock Pub for the night before catching up with Briony on Saturday. Oh of course staying behind the pub means pub meal and Hels got to have a Chicken Parmie. Had a nice afternoon and a good meal at the pub which was very busy as many were staying for the Hawker races on Saturday.

This church is an outstanding structure in Cradock

The Cradock pub, quite afternoon before the influx that night.

We left around 9am and made our way into Hawker and caught up with Briony before making our way to Pt Augusta. We stayed the night at the Shores CP so we could catch up with Briony for lunch, then she continued onto Adelaide for her flight back to Qld, Gold Coast and we headed off in the opposite direction.

Decision making - which way should we go?

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