The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

27 April, 2017

Riptide - fishing

We were asked by Kathy & Neville to help get their boat, Riptide, onto dry dock for maintenence.  We thought this would be interesting as we had not experienced seeing a boat lifted onto dry dock.  After arriving at their Marina berth I became a deck hand, and after releasing from the dock we motored around to the cradle lift. 

Over the next few days we popped down and helped out where we could - sanding down, priming and painting. Did have a habit of turning up around coffee time, only to make sure they stopped for a break! 

The boat looked great going back into the water - Neville & Kathy had worked constantly for 5 days doing maintenance and giving her a fresh coat of paint.  During this time the weather stayed fine and warm which they had not experienced when doing previous dry docking, so were really happy they were able to get the work done with no rain interruption. 

We were fortunate to be invited out on the first outing after the maintenance was completed.

Releasing the moorings

Boat being lifted out of the water 

High pressure cleaning to get scale off hull

Riptide being positioned on the dry dock cradle where maintennce work can be done

Before I knew it I was working on the hull

With a fresh coat of paint and maintenance completed  it was time to go back in the water
Went out for an afternoon fishing trip in Tauranga Harbour and experienced nice weather and successful fishing - even pulling in a double header!
Enjoying the ride and harbour view on way to a fishing spot 

Helen supervised the fishing!

Successful afternoon fishing 

Check out these little babies - Kahawai which were smoked and enjoyed for dinner! 

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