The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

02 December, 2013

Denmark & Walpole

From Denmark we did a day trips to the west visiting some beaches and local tourist attractions.  We drove down to Ocean beach and watched the "little nippers" having surfing lessons in a sheltered section of the bay leading into Wilson Inlet which Denmark is situated on.  We could only look at the many beaches and inlets as the weather was faaaar too cold for us to take a dip.  Along this section of coast we visited Greens Pool, Waterfall Beach and had to take a look at Mad Fish Bay, but never saw any mad fish only mad fishermen.

Lights Beach, just toooooo cold for a swim :o(

Waterfall Beach

Elephant Rocks, you count the elephants anywhere between 3 and 8 wins a prize.

Greens Pool, a very sheltered and picturesque bay.
Continued along the coast to Parry's Beach, Colin had stayed here for a week and so we thought we would check this out.  Was a nice camp for low vans as has a height restriction of 2.75m due to the trees so we decided to stay in Denmark until we moved to Walpole.  On the way back had to visit the Toffee factory, again on Colin's recommendation, and have an ice cream. The sign on the road said "the biggest cone in WA" how could we go past that!!

This is the Biggest Cone in WA - I just had to have one

I think this guy had "head freeze" from eating his ice cream too fast.

In Walpole we stayed at the Rest Point Caravan Park on the Nornalup Inlet and went touring from here.  The lady at the Walpole information Centre was most helpful and suggested a drive taking in the Giant Tingle Tree, Circular Pool, Swarbrick Art sculptures and valley of the Giants which we did over 2 days.

This is really tall timber country and the tingle trees are only found in this area.

One very big tingle tree

Circular Pool, you'll have to imagine the foam moving in a circular motion.

Swarbrick Art loop - by opening the door we "Discover the diversity of people's relationships with the wilderness area through time."

Wilderness door of perception

Wilderness wall of perception, Hels stood here for ages!!

No perception here, I'm an angel!!

I need to dust before we go.

At the Valley of the Giants we decided to take the Empire Walk, which is around the base of the tingle trees rather than the tree top walk.  We managed to join in on the guided tour which was most informative and gave us a better perspective of the tingle tree.

Got to drive the EK through the tingle tree, he he.

The guide telling us about "Grandma Tingle" tree in background.

The walk is well planned with walkways and signs to explain the different aspects of the tingle tree.

After the Valley of the Giants it was back to the coast and visited Peaceful bay, a small fishing village.  Infact this was a very tidy shack area with what I would consider a real fisherman's paradise.  From Peaceful Bay travelled back towards Walpole stopping at another bay, (the last for a while) Conspicuous Cliffs.

Conspicuous Cliffs

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