The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

25 December, 2013

Christmas in Perth

From Fremantle we travelled up to Perth area initially staying north of Perth near Greenwood to visit friends - Natalie and David (Crawf).  Spent a lovely day at their home - thanks Nat and Crawf for a fantastic lunch and wonderful company.
From Greenwood we headed to the foot hills of Perth staying on a property at Hovea (near Midlands) where we enjoyed a relaxing weeks' stay.  Thanks to Pam & Ian for their hospitality.  Also staying were a family from Derby with their 3 children, Amber, Pearl and Beau.  I had put up some Christmas lights on the van so Amber & Pearl made some decorations for a plant they decorated as a Christmas tree - they were staying for Christmas Day and were so excited about it.  Kids really do make Christmas a special time.
Our Christmas lights on the van
Amber holding Beau and Pearl with their decorated tree.

Moved back into Perth to East Victoria Park staying at Jarred and Alex's house.  After negotiating the van into their backyard through gates with 50mm each side of the van, we started the Christmas celebrations!! Singing along with the Christmas Carols on TV will be a night to remember for a few years (neighbours are probably still having therapy!!)  Ros and Phil had come over from Adelaide and Greg and Mel returned from Canada.

Warm up celebrations with Hels, Mel, Greg, Jarred, Alex, Ros and Phil. Oh can't forget Charlie in the foreground, woof.
Christmas Day we were invited to Jarred's uncles place.  Gerry and Chris put on a great spread and a wonderful Christmas Day was had by all.  A huge thank you to Gerry and Chris - we really appreciated sharing Christmas with the family.

Unfortunately on the day I was that busy, hic, I forgot to take any piccies of the lunch and it wasn't until we had returned to Alex and Jarred's for a night cap that the camera was found.

A few sips of liqueur made for fine singing ....... well we thought so!!

A big day out was tooooo much for Jarred and had to catch a couple of ZZ's on Phil's shoulder

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