The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

06 April, 2013

The Waterfall Way

After Easter we left Glenreagh late morning, making the most of the sunshine, as we were heading south!  Travelled to Coffs Harbour along the Pacific Highway then turned west to Dorrigo along The Waterfall Way.  Getting up the mountain side to Dorrigo was another first towing the van - the road was relatively wide and the climb steep to get over the Great Divide Range.  Was glad to stop and check out the fist waterfall Newell Falls which is part way up the climb.  After lunch just out of Dorrigo reality of the cold weather we were heading into started to sink in!!!!  We were driving towards very black rain clouds in the distance with the odd sprinkle of rain on the windscreen.  At the next waterfall stop, Ebor Falls, it was like stepping into a fridge!  Quickly added more clothes layers to our shorts and tee shirts before walking to look at the falls.  Very spectacular and worth braving the cold!

Got the winter woollies out

After departing Ebor Falls wanted to find our first "free" camp and headed to the town of Wollomombi to set up for the night.  This was when we started to question our decision to head south not back north as the beanie and jeans came out.  One thing though, as we watched campers setting up the roof top tents we though how nice it was to sit inside out the COLD wind.  

Ebor Falls

Free camp at Wollomombie, taken about 8.30 am and still no sun

At 7.30 am heard the school bus pull in to pick up the children for school, probable going to Armidale which is about 50 km west.   Hels was still in bed asking if I can see any sun and saying that she will not get up while I'm sitting at the table with Beanie and windcheater on, even had to find a pair of socks  ......... only one thing to do !!!!!

On the way to Armidale stopped at Wollomombi Falls which are one of the highest in Australia at 260m.  Chandler Falls can also be seen at this point where the 2 rivers meet.  Unfortunately it was a bit overcast so difficult to get a good photo.

Wollomombi Falls on the left, Chandler Falls on the right, the 2 rivers meet at this point.
Armidale Mall
 Armidale is a very picturesque town especially with the Autumn leaves and many old buildings.  As  it's around 950m above sea level is also a bit chilly so this is crossed off our places to retire!  At this point in time we had to buy some winter items - coat, track pants and must say Hels laughed when I also included a pair of lambs wool slippers to keep my toes warm!!

Just 20 km or so after Armidale is a smaller town of Uralla, an opportunity to "free" camp again at the Fossicking Area about 6 km NW of town -  might even find that big gold nugget!!!

More of a bush camp at the Fossicking Area, was really great just to sit and take in the bush.  Cold enough to have a Stout or two!
There's gold in this here creek ... the only thing I took away was this photo, dam!

Uralla has their own bushranger ........ Thunderbolt!!  Fred Ward, (Thunderbolt) is a legend in Uralla, apparently he was a horse breaker who became a bushranger in the 1860's.  Visited the local Museum (situated in the original Mill) and was very impressed with the presentation relating to "Thunderbolt" and other pioneering items, in particular an extensive collection of Chinese culture items which were found in an old shed on one of the nearby properties.

Statue of Thunderbolt in the main street

Thunderbolts grave in the Uralla Pioneer Cemetery

After staying at the Fossicking Camp for 2 days we left Uralla travelled 85 km to Tamworth ...... oh, and had to stop for morning tea on the way, really getting into this caravanning pace.

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