The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

29 March, 2013

Glenreagh, NSW

We Hadn't done the weekly shopping so had to stop in Grafton after leaving Iluka, this was going to be a first as we had the van in tow!!  First had to make our way across the notorious (narrow) bridge which crosses the Clarence River leading into Grafton.  Once we had negotiated this it was, find a park time.  Well ... turning down tree lined streets with reverse parking is NOT caravan friendly.  Thinking we might get a park by the river was a good idea, until we turned down a dead-end street.  It was time to hone the reversing skills and get Hels out to stop traffic as we reversed across the street.  Hels is getting better with her direction signals (had to explain that it looks like waving to me instead of directing me - will leave it to you the response I received!!), however during this reversing procedure unbeknown to me a Garbage Truck had gone down the road and as I was following the 'keep coming back' signal the truck had picked up a bin and emptied it into the truck which made a huge bang!  The old heart was pumping thinking I had hit something but more confusing was Hels still signalling to keep coming back!   After the third attempt down a street we did manage to find a park along the river edge and get to the shops.

After stocking up we headed on our way (had to go back across the narrow bridge again) and inland away from the coast and the expected Easter crowds of holiday makers.  We have found a small getaway not far from Glenreagh between Coffs Harbour and Grafton and will stay until after the Easter period.

The "Golden Dog" Hotel ..... you make your mind up!!
On Friday night went into the Golden Dog Hotel in Glenreagh which has a large "Golden Dog" statue outside - only problem is we were unsure what the statue was as it was a cross between a dingo & a lama!!!  Had a great meal at reasonable prices.  Managed another trip into Glenreagh for some coffee and were fortunate enough to be in town for the Cedar & Steam Art and Photo Exhibition, this is an annual exhibition of local arts and craft held in the Schools of Arts building.  It was fantastic walking into the old wooden Hall with the stage up front and some of the local exhibitions were really good.

Some local wild life, with some golden bronze colours

A magic sunrise
What a difference a day makes to the sunrise

Glenreagh GS .... cappa of course

Glenreagh Art building from local timber

The old Post Office

Managed to take another day out of our busy schedule to drive into Coffs Harbour.  Took the scenic roads and it was beautiful driving through the little towns and enjoying the county side which is very green at the moment with all the rain they have had.  When we were in Coffs about 12 months ago it was raining and we did not stop long enough to have a look around.  With much better weather (sunshine) drove around Coffs and checked out the beach and city centre.  Didn't mind Coffs but too many traffic lights and with the busy pace of traffic and shops we were keen to head out of town and get back to relaxing.
One of the beaches at Coffs

Farm equipment against the timber, couldn't resist a photo

Coffs Harbour


After Easter will be heading further inland, probable towards Tamworth ........ until next time.

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