The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

21 April, 2013


Was a nice sunny Sunday after we arrived in Albury so decided to take a drive with Briony and see some of the country side around Albury, even venture into Victoria!  We first headed towards Lake Hume as this caravan park was one of the options we had considered to stay at while catching up with Briony.  Pleased that we did not stay there as much further to travel into Lavington where Briony lives.

Another coffee bakery, nice and warm in the sun, great coffee

The old mixing with the new

From here we took the Beechworth Wodonga Road to Beechworth.  We had hoped to have a coffee on the way but couldn't find a suitable coffee shop - just as well as Beechworth has a well know bakery and coffee shop, so that was the first stop on arriving in the town.   Was a very busy spot however managed to find a table on the balcony over looking the street with live Jass music being played, you don't get this at too many bakeries!!

Not quite Abbey Road

Bank of Victoria with PO in background, note some of the cobblestone road.

Beechworth was established and grew after gold was discovered in 1852 at Spring Creek.  As with many early gold mining towns the wealth from the gold rush built Beechworth with a population exceeding 10,000 at its peek.  Today with lots of pubs and many restaurants to satisfy the tourists appetite, Beechworth is known as a historic and cultural precinct.  The weather certainly brought out the crowds and the streets full of cars and people enjoying everything Beechworth had to offer.

Beechworth Court House building

Not quite the judge and jury

That's not Ned but is where he sat in 1880

We walked the streets in ore of the buildings most built in the mid 1800's.  The Court House was one which we decided to take a closer look and opted to pay the entrance fee .  The Court House was built in 1858 from local honey coloured granite.  The court room lays clam to having Ned Kelly tried in 1871 for a Horse Receiving charge, other members of the Kelly gang also appeared in this court. It was great to walk through and sit at the original settings within the court house - some of which activated a voice recorder re-inacting  past hearings.

Next to the court house was the telegraph station, Briony sent a telegram to Todd for $2.00, which had not arrived 5 days later!!  While chatting to the telephonist?? he mentioned the railway station and said to have a look in the back room where they had a model railway station which was a replica of the old Beechworth Station.  As the line was a spur line, it was remove and only a couple of building still exist which are in need of restoration so the model was all the enthusiasts could provide.  Sorry no piccies.

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