The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

18 March, 2013

Iluka & Yamba, NSW

After leaving Brunswick Heads, travelled down the coast deviating to Lismore in order to purchase and have fitted some Weight Distribution Bars, which has made towing the Van more stable.  Had a look around Lismore and was surprised how big and hilly the place was with many houses having a fantastic view of the surrounding hills and valleys.  From Lismore we headed back along the coast to Iluka which is situated on the northern side of the mighty Clarence River.  Staying at the Iluka River Front Tourist Park, we've been really lucky and managed to get a great site only meters from the rivers edge and have a magnificent clear view of the comings and goings on the River from fishing 'tinnies' to the Ferry which transports people over to Yamba.  Fishing is high priority amongst the travellers and hear the odd tales about the huge one that got away!  Weather has been quite sunny during the day but cool at night (well cool for us anyway!)

The view from in front of the van, can't get much better, only if I could catch the fish!!
When the southerly blows up its a different picture, but someone is having fun.

Hels Dolphin spotting, was a pod of 8 or more playing in the river.

We like the quite country atmosphere which Iluka provides, no large motels or "trendy" establishments, just has the feel of a family holiday village.  Will note this and will be back.

Yep, you guessed it ..... Boat Shed coffee shop Iluka, just had to have another coffee.

Iluka Bay, we walked around from the park to the pub ..... and back of course.

Weather was not all that fantastic on Thursday so took a drive over to Yamba, had a quick look around and brought some goodies from Coles to keep us going.

Went for a walk along beach from Iluka Bluff and visited other bays and Woody Point, it still amazes us the number of little bays and beaches on the east coast, plenty of bays to call your own for the afternoon.
View from Iluka Bluff looking south along Iluka beach to Yamba

From Middle Bluff looking north to Woody Point

Waves breaking over Middle Bluff
View from Iluka Bluff looking North with Middle Bluff in the foreground and Woody Point in the distance.

Land Yatcht on Bluff Beach

Went to Sedger's Reef Hotel for dinner on Friday night - this is like many older country pubs which has character and a few local characters, especially on a Friday night after the working week!. I think part of the attraction to the pub on a Friday night is the meat tray raffle.  We had a reasonable pub meal and a bonus was Hels winning the meat tray raffle, which will keep us going for a few days.

Sedger's Hotel, Iluka

Hels, Friday nights meat tray winner ..... but why pick so much chicken?

The weather over the weekend has been the best couple of days for some time, so headed to the beach.  As the weather was good Paul & Wendy invited us to join them, naturally we couldn't refuse, so had some great company on the beach and exchanged travel tails.  Surprisingly they hadn't got sick of our company at the beach and invited us over for a Sunday roast, a few reds and a great meal with great company, what more can you ask for!!!
Little soldiers heading back around Middle bluff after a great morning on the beach.

On Monday decided to take the ferry to Yamba and catch up with Phil & Trish, friends we had meet on the way across to Brissy.  They have a great home on the banks of the Clarence, unfortunately they had been flooded twice in 2 months.  Phil having been a successful speedway rider is a motor bike fanatic and even has a treasured (Triton) classic racing bike in the bedroom!.  They also have a Harleys each and go riding on occasions. We were lucky enough to have them show us the sites of Yamba and dropped us back at the Ferry for the return trip, a great day, many thanks guys.

Iluka to Yamba Ferry.

Captured this rainbow while waiting for the ferry.
Yamba from the river, with light house on the left.

Blue Pools, near Angourie, apparently there is a bulldozer at the bottom of this deep pool as story has it that they were excavating the quarry when overnight all equipment sank and water filled the area.

Pippi Beach looking north towards Yamba Point

Nearly time to move on, will head inland from here to escape the Easter crowds which invade the coast.

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