The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

18 July, 2015

Welcome home

What a wonderful welcome home - our son standing with all the suit clad chauffeurs with two signs saying Mother and Dad!!!

The flight home was quite rough at times however sitting third row from the back of the plane could have something to do with the ride!  After a wonderful greeting at the airport by Todd and his partner Tenelle we were driven back to their townhouse @ Burleigh Heads where we got a great night sleep and were ready the next day to pick up our van and be on the road again.

Had a couple of 'moments' when driving as started to drive down the right side of the road before Helen had to remind me we were back in Australia.  Amazing as I did not have any hassles adjusting to driving in Canada & Alaska however once back home and in more familiar surroundings, had a couple of hiccups when the wipers came on instead of the indicators!!

What a great 10 week adventure we had meeting so many people and seeing scenery that is so much different to what we are used to in Australia.  Having said that we are happy to be back home and ready to be back into our van and heading north.

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