The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

09 July, 2015

Okanagan Valley

We organised another road trip for a few days in the Okanagan Valley, this time we decided against hiring a Mustang and went for a more conservative and practical SUV much to Helen's liking.

Back at Lake Louise, this time not frozen.

We drove from Calgary past Banff to Lake Louise which looked very different to when we had visited previously in the Motorhome.  On our first visit in May the lake was frozen and surrounded by snow capped mountains, however this visit in July the lake was not frozen and people were enjoying canoeing,   From Lake Louise we headed west through Golden on Highway 1 turning off at Sicamous then onto Vernon which is in the northern part of the Okanagan Valley.

Always roadworks with long delays

We stayed at Fairfield Inn in Vernon for three nights and doing day trips south into the valley taking in wineries and the magnificent Oakanagan Lake.  Our first day consisted of driving down to Okanagan Falls via Oyama, Winfield, Kelowna, across the floating bridge to West Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, Penticton.  This area is well known for wineries and Briony picked out some to visit - choosing by name only!!Visited 'See Ya Later Winery' (thinking it was owned by Aussies with a name like that, but it was a memorial for dogs which had passed away on the ranch! ) A lot of the wines were named after various ranch dogs.  We drove up east side of Okanagan Lake to 'Therapy Winery' (think I needed it after transporting the girls around!!), took in a lookout before headed down west side to 'Dirty Laundry Winery'.  I was sober bob driver so the girls took advantage of the wine tastings with Hels ending up giggling most of the way home!!

Great way to cool off - large inflatables to hold the whole family and float down stream

View from See Ya Later winery back towards Penticton

At the See Ya Later winery adjacent the dog cemetery.

Another winery - Dirty Laundry looks over the Okanagan Valley

Hope you can read the sign - at Dirty Laundry

Had trouble getting the girls away from the tasting.

After the tasting, propped up by a peg!! note the dark glasses!!

Lots of car and collectibles around the grounds of the Log Barn

At the Log Barn

The Log Barn has this walkway for the goats, you put some grain feed in a tin and they turn the wheel to bring the feed up.

one of the many beaches around Okanagan Lake, I like how the ski boats are moored around ready for the weekend.

The next day we drove to Log Barn which is a very commercial enterprise but interesting to see with a lot of animal statues positioned around the grounds.  Next stop was the Cheese Factory then drove up and around the hills having great views of the Okanagan Lake.  Stopped at Kekuli Bay which was a striking blue colour before heading back to Vernon and stopping to look at few murals which are scattered around the town.

Clear waters of the Kekuli Bay

Families take their boats out and just swim around

Lots of homes scattered around the lake with decks leading out to the pleasure craft.

Vernon has many wall murals painted on the walls of buildings in town,
After an enjoyable few days drove back to Calgary spending a lovely last night with Briony.  The next day we packed our bags before embarking on a journey to Vancouver via Greyhound Bus for 15 hours!!!

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