The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

24 March, 2017

McLaren Falls and Mount Maunganui

Drove to McLaren Falls park which is 190 hectares of pastoral and horticultural parkland just 10 minutes drive from Tauranga set alongside Lake McLaren. The park is popular for camping, trout fishing, kayaking, picnics, bush walks etc.  One of the highlights of the park is the Waterfall Track which we walked and were rewarded with great scenery.  Apparently glow worms can be seen along the track at dusk, but we decided that we would not wait until then as we hadn't had lunch!

Had a great morning in the park as were able to drive around stopping every now and then to walk around the lake sighting many ducks and swans.  Intend to come back again for a picnic.

On the track to the waterfall - amazed with the palms and moss, looking very tropical

Waterfall in McLaren Falls Park

Beautiful setting around Lake McLaren

McLaren Falls (Wairoa River) just on the access road to McLaren Falls Park

Another day we drove to Mt Maunganui or "The Mount" which is a mountain standing 232m above sea level on the other side of Tauranga Harbour from the city and offers spectacular views out to sea and back across to the harbour.  We walked the base track and thoroughly enjoyed it - even managing to sight a seal.  The Mount is a very popular holiday hotspot with heaps of accommodation including caravan park, high rise appartments with sea views, baches (holiday homes) and local motels. It also has a sophisticated cafe culture with many eateries across the road from the beach, plus bars, restaurants and high-end fashion boutiques - quite the place to be!!!!!

View of Mt Maunganui across Pilot Bay

A rest stop on the 3km base track

Fisherman waiting for his catch at Stoney Point - the bronze sculpture represents Tangaroa, maori god of the sea whose role it was to protect the sea. It faces out towards the sea from the shipping channel.

Spotted this seal sunning itself amoungst the rocks

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