The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

25 January, 2017

Koppio Smithy Museum

The Koppio Smithy is a great museum. The thing that impressed me was that the collection contained a lot of every day things that we had seen as children growing up. From the ornaments we had seen on shelves either at home or relatives houses to magazines dating back to the 1950's which you could carefully flick through and remember the fashions or TV programs.

The collection had a strong farming influence from the area which I thought was also unique and a credit to the local community and the Jericho family for their donations. The large collection of stationary engines,  tractors and other machinery used around the farm was fascinating. Items on show were donated by families from the area and volunteers have restored items to original condition.

When you entered the store you step back in time immediately with the old cash register sitting on the front counter.

The Museum is set in the Koppio Hills and houses the original Blacksmith shop and a 2 bedroom cottage known as "Glenleigh" which is a lovely thatched cottage from 1890, the 1 teacher school (1934-1970), 1910 Pt Lincoln tailor shop, Heritage Hall showing a wonderfull collection from the home of the Jericho family, plus a range of display sheds housing tractors and farm machinery, stationary engines, Shearing, Grain and Hay story, vehicles and a Print Room.

The collection of memorabilia donated by the Jericho family

A great collection of 1960 mags.
The blacksmith's shop and cottage was built by Thomas Brennand in 1905. This was the perfect place for a blacksmith as it was the crossroads to all of the district. Also being the local Post Office, it was a great gathering place. The Brennand Family donated 2.5 acres of their farm to the National Trust. Locals restored the blacksmith shop and cottage and it was opened to the public in 1968.

Bank of Adelaide & White Flat Post Office - reportedly the smallest in the State 

One of the many restored wagons on display.

So many tractors, at a guess in the 100s - Hart Parr tractor featured. 

A great collection of stationery engines

This Hornsby 7hp 1910 amoung the large to small collection

The old classroom with original desks and inkwell.
We met a couple of young girls in the class room and I told them how the boys would get the girls pigtails and dip them in the ink wells (not me of course!!). I don't think they believed me and had a look of disbelieve as the left the room - what an earth is this old man talking about!!!)

Helen's Auntie is pictured in this photo of the 1924 Poonindie class which is displayed on the wall in the school room

The barb wire collection was good, not as extensive as the collection at the Spalding Hotel though.

The Brennand Cottage 1903
Main bedroom in the cottage
Helen and I spent a good couple of hours at the Museum and we thoroughly recommend to visit if touring the Eyre Peninsula.

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