The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

22 August, 2015

Smalleys Beach, Cape Hillsborough NP

Smalleys Beach is part of the Cape Hillsborough National Park, about 50 km north west of Mackay.
We stayed for 9 days, it was most relaxing apart from some of the wildlife which came a little too close at times!!

Smalleys Beach camp area has 11 sites which are generally separated by bush and you camp amoungst the trees with your own pathway leading to the beach.  Sites 8 to 11 are the more secluded which is nice but also has it's problems getting enough sun to charge your batteries from the solar. Infact I think all sites have limitations when requiring sun for solar panels.  We stayed on site 10.

At low tide the mud flat goes out at least 30 meters or more, but at high tide you have a great beach and picturesque bay. Also put the fishing line in a couple of days on good advice from a local who suggested fishing on the incoming tide when the mud flats are covered by half a metre of water. Apparently whiting swim through the channel however they were certainly missing on the days I fished!  Did catch a bream however sent it home to Mum!  On the second day I never felt a nibble but hey that's fishing!!

Smalleys Beach

Our little camp tucked away in the bush

A path leads from our camp to the beach, this was our view.
Being a national park there seems to be an abundence of wildlife including the usual Goanna that stalks you when you arrive and makes a daily inspection of your site just in case you have left some food out.

The kookaburras are plentyfull and sit quitely in the the trees watching to swoop past at any opportunity to grab a sausage or some food from your hand or table if left unattended too long.

Plenty of kookaburras to watch your camp

Curlews in the bush, so difficult to see.

Plenty of Wallabies

Our friendly Goanna, sometimes a little too friendly!

Mangrove Heron

Mud flats at low tide

Red-capped Dotterel (Sandpiper)

On Sunday there was a fire at Ball Bay

The fire made a great spectical on sunset

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Red Nomad OZ said...

Looks like a great spot to stay! I've been there a couple of times on day trips, but have never camped there - maybe that'll all change next time I visit!