The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

28 February, 2015

Woolooga, Qld

Our stay in Tweed Heads was extended for a few days due to cyclone Marcia as there was no point moving further north - the weather was wetter and the rivers rapidly rising.  With the weather easing we packed up and headed towards Gympie on Sunday morning as we were scheduled to commence our house-sitting duties on Monday.  It was reported that the Bruce Highway was closed at Gympie due to flood waters so decided to stay the night at Eumundi and wait for the flood water to recede as the house we were sitting was 35 km north west of Gympie at Woolooga.

Eumundi camp, toilet block made from used containers and the mural on the side is the market body painting display.

Stayed overnight at Eumundi - $15 per night staying in the Market car park where they have built nice new facilities. Monday morning headed out towards Gympie as news indicated that the Bruce Highway had been reopened.  Driving through Gympie were amazed at the flood levels as parks and football ovals were still deeply underwater.  All was going well until we got to the Wide Bay Turn Off 10 kms north of Gympie where we had to cross the Mary River in order to get to Woolooga. Here we stuck a road block as a large tree had wedged itself under the bridge and the water level was still basically lapping the top of the bridge (normally 20 metres below the bridge).  We stayed for 2 hours while the overhanging 6 metre branch was cut away and bitumen repairs done to the road.  Plenty of people to have a chat to as there would have been approx 20 cars and trucks held up!  First time I have been happy to see 10 council workers carrying out roadworks!!

The fork of the tree caught on the LHS of the bridge and another 7 metres or so protruding from under the bridge on the RHS

Road blocked - patiently waiting for the repair work to be carried out.

Finally arrived at Woolooga and our house sit late afternoon and were made to feel very welcome by owners Ray and Carol.  They left the following day and we enjoyed a wonderful 4 weeks surrounded by lovely gardens and a pool which got a lot of use as the weather was very warm/humid.  While house-sitting we took the opportunity to explore the local area going on several drives, calling into markets and seeing some historic pubs.

The back yard we were looking after

Had to have a windmill photo, Ray's container turned into a bush shack.

That's me looking after the pool, a tough job .... hehe.
One of the afternoon attractions was the various birds which called in while we had happy hour.

This is Joe, who flew in late afternoon for a feed

Sometimes had to compete with these Rainbow Lorikeets

Double Barrel Finches would also drop by late afternoon for a splash in the rock pond.

Ray was a regular at the Woolooga Pub so just had to fill in for him!!  Thursday afternoon was the social time for the farmers in the area so were able to meet some real characters.  The Woolooga Pub is renowned for having the oldest twin publicans in the World which at the time I thought was a big call, but having met the publicans (Bill & Brenton, aged 85) would not question the statement.

Woolooga Town -  the pub, Community Hall and Rusty Ute cafe.
On one of our drives we headed south east of Gympie to Kin Kin and back via the Mary valley.  The road to Kin Kin had a selection of letterbox art work from worms made up of several used gas bottles to various animals.  One piece of art work that took our eye was an eagle gate.  I missed it when we first passed by but was pleased we went back when I saw the gate, very impressive.

Some fancy gate art work on our drive from Gympie to Kin Kin

Lunch at Kin Kin pub, The pub was renovated in 2007 and now is a favorite lunch stop for bike and car clubs.

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