The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

30 September, 2014

Barbed Wire Pub, Spalding

After arriving in Adelaide we spent some time catching up with friends and relies before heading to the Clare valley for a couple of weeks with my brother.  Over the next few months we will be around Adelaide having check ups and catching up with friends. Our daughter also came over from Canada for a wedding so was good to catch up while she is in Adelaide.

On our trip to the Clare Valley done the usual winery visits and stroll around Clare etc before we decided to head to Spalding, about 45 km north of Clare.  We had heard about a free camp at the local hotel.  The Barbed Wire Pub, Spalding which housed a museum of local and other various barbed wire and fencing droppers.  There would be about 500 pieces of barbed wire along with star posts and temporary fencing posts.  The collection was put together by Leon Dobbins over about 40 years and sold when he became ill to Geoff at the Spalding hotel.

This was well worth the visit and in our case a stop over and a pub meal. You can camp at the back of the pub for free if you don't connect to the power.

Camping out the back of the Pub, free if you don't want power.

Geoff giving a talk on the barbed wire, mostly displayed in the main hall way.

Some of the star droppers

Didn't realize how many types of barbed wire

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