The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

08 September, 2014

Down the track

Around midday on Monday 8/9 we decided to make a move down the track as majority of the Race Goers had already left.  Had a magnificent breakfast at the local Bakery (enough food to last a few days!!).   In hindsight being at the 'back of the pack' may not have been the best option ........ why? The track was not in the best condition, may be due to the amount of traffic which had traveled up and back to the races - probably the worst condition we had experienced in our previous travels. Generally the rocks were exposed - almost looking like a cobblestone effect, which certainly kept the average speed down.  At times when the track was in better condition we were able to get up to 60kph!

Just over the boarder in SA and the corrugations started.

Uninterrupted view for miles and miles in the Sturt Stoney Desert
We camped out twice on the track - first at Tippipila Creek Bush Camp (approx 200kms).  This camp even had flushing toilets!!  Were able to do a bit of  'maintenance' as vibrations caused a few "interesting incidents"!
Sunrise over the looo at Tippipila Creek Bush Camp

Mungerannie Pub
Next day travelling the road conditions had improved slightly although still not able to get above 60kph.  We experienced very strong cross winds and drove into a dust storm around Mungerannie.  With the strong wind we managed to collect quite a bit of the dust in the van.  By this time Helen was constantly reminding me that this was our home I was dragging down the Track and each time we stopped there seemed to be something that needed attention - not happy Hels!!
It was around Mungerannie the strong winds blew creating a dusty mist, not that pleasant!! 
Had planned to stay at Coopers Creek however on arrival the dust was blowing into our sandwiches so decided to drive further on to escape the conditions.  Was a great move as we stayed at Clayton Station (approx 54kms NE Marree) which was well worth the visit.  They had hot showers, flushing toilers and even a hot tub!!
Was the end of another windy day of dust and rough roads - a hot tub was most welcoming.

At Clayton camped with 2 other couples who had already started to fill the hot tub with warm spring water ..... oh so relaxing.

This monument south of Maree in 2012 commemorates the 150th anniversary of the crossing from Adelaide to Van Dieman Gulf by John McDouall Stuart
Stopped for a coffee in Maree - Helen pleased as finally of the Birdsville Track!  Traveled onto Farina for our next camp.

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