The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

10 August, 2014

Tablelands - Mt Baldy walks

While we have been at Atherton I've been able to walk most mornings -instead of walking along beaches  & bush tracks I've been able to tackle some hills. We are within walking distance to Mt Baldy and the Herberton Range State Forrest which offers plenty of walks and even Mountain Bike Trails for those keen to venture on 2 wheels.
Most mornings I have either walked along the flat or walked to the peak of Mt Baldy or another hill close by named  "The Widow Maker", usually a return walk of just over an hour, this is dependent on my recovery time after reaching the peak!

View over Lake Tinaroo from "The widow maker" with Atherton in the foreground

First time to the top of "The Widow Maker" buggered to say the least, and the sun couldn't even peak through the clouds.

These are the tracks; B=Mt Baldy D=Widow Maker 

You know it's steep when the path has non-slip grip and rope handrails, near the top of Mt Baldy.

At the top of Mt Baldy, while I was recovering a couple of army guys ran past!!! 

View from Mt Baldy to The Widow Maker peak.

Another misty morning in the clouds

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