The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

02 November, 2013

Adelaide for Luke & Rhi wedding

What a flying visit to Adelaide - arrived on Thursday evening and caught up with Briony, Todd & Tenelle at the "Maid" (Maiden Magpie Hotel) for a quick drink.  We hadn't see Briony and Todd since April and it was the first time Tenelle had to cope with the complete Hautop family! Hels had her 'Family Day' with the 'kids' on Friday which she had been so looking forward to, and I must admit I really enjoyed too.  The weekend was packed with catching up with friends/family and wedding celebrations.

On Saturday morning I picked up Todd and took him to Athelstone where the boys were getting ready for the wedding.  The wedding was 2 pm at Linde Reserve in Stepney, with great weather and the bride looking beautiful as only a bride can the ceremony was formal, with a relaxed atmosphere.

Luke waiting for Rhiannon to arrive - Todd, Nick and Mark offering support!!! 

The Wedding Vows - Rhiannon a beautiful bride.

Todd, pass me the rings

Tenelle, Briony, Hels & Alex at the start of the Reception - could not publish the ones at the end of the celebrations!!! (although there seems to be plenty on FB).
Hels and I treated ourselves to a night at the Mecure Grosvenor (where Reception was held) and after a big night was good to just push the elevator button to 3rd floor and we were home!  Sunday became a long day and the high energy of the night seemed to fade in the morning light - some members of the family were not feeling all that fresh!!  Dropped Briony off at airport, dropped Todd & Tenelle off at friends who will take them to Airport later that night, then headed to friends @ Coromandel Valley.

Also managed to catch up with the 'Cactus Cock' crew on Monday and thanks to P&P for arranging lunch.  Had good laughs and companionship which we have enjoyed for many, many years.  Hels brother Robert & Rhonda hosted us for Dinner with a surprise visit from Hels sister Glenda - was great to all catch up for a chat.

The "Cactus Cock" crew - we have been dining out annually now for more than 35 years, you can tell by the hair colour!!!

Tuesday was a hectic day, on the plane and back to Perth, leaving Adelaide at 10ish (daylight saving time) and arriving in Perth at 11.30am to pick up van, shopping, then head to Boddington.  Was much appreciated to have a lovely dinner prepared by Leanne after a looooong day travelling.

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