The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

07 September, 2013

Barn Hill & 80 Mile Beach

It's been a while but we have finally got power to charge the batteries and reception for the internet so .........

After leaving Broome we headed south (ever so slowly) for about 100km to Barn Hill Station Stay.  Barn Hill is situated on Thangoo Station which is a working cattle station.  The property is approx. 4300,000 acres and stretches 85 km along the coast and runs 8,000 head of Brahman cattle.  Over the years I have heard about Barn Hill and my understanding was that the camp area has developed as a seasonal camping area which has a lawn bowls green for the keen traveller.

From talking to some campers who have been there for a while I understand that about half had moved out earlier in the week to our arrival and at peak holds close to 300 campers, all a bit busy for us so glad we were a week later.

We had 3 nights which gave us enough time to take some long walks along the beach (2.5 hours return) sample the ice cream and enjoy the view and have a swim.

Our new back yard view at barn Hill

We did walk to the end of this bay and to the next, 2.5 hours return!!

Quite unusual formation along the beach, we thought it was like the lost cities others called it the cathederals

These feet did a lot of walking

The ablution block, you need your hat on in the shower!

Fathers Day ice cream .... yum!!

Panoramic view of northern beach and camp area

Hels said "You've taken enough sunsets"

Cliffs of rock structure on the south beach, and my "hot chick"

Just a nice shot of the bay at sunset and the fisher people, to be politically correct.

After leaving Barn Hill travelled further south to 80 Mile beach.  This was quite different, even though Barn Hill is renowned for the fishing the beach was ok for swimming and long walks but 80 Mile is really for the fisherman or shell collecting, so I had to get the rod out and catch dinner!!!!

Again the caravan park caters for 300 or so during the peak, they have weekly markets and burger nights during the season to cater for the campers.  I could really get into fishing at 80 Mile, even if it was only to get a 4 wheeler.  It seems the regulars bring their4 wheel motor bikes up to carry the surf rods and fishing gear along the beach, could seriously get into this ... ha, ha.

Well I did have a fish - caught a Blue Threadfin Salmon, a little small to keep as would not have had enough fillets to share with Hels so let him go until next time.

Seems the daily ritual is to go to the beach about 1 hour before high tide (and that seemed to be everyone) then head back about 1 hour after high tide.  I think the rest of the day consisted of sleeping and happy hour drinks.  I'm not sure what happens when high tide coincides with happy hour!!

Is this really 80 miles of beach and where are all the people?

Our camp site

Some of the other campers

Do I look like a fisherman .... probable not!!

This is at high tide, elbow to elbow for as far as you can see.

After 3 nights at 80 Mile Beach and only one fish caught, I need a bigger rod, we are headed further south to Roebourne.

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