The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

31 May, 2013

Heading North .... at last

With a slight diversion after leaving Polish Hill we are generally going north.

Seagulls were keen to take the bait

We travelled to Moonta, to catch up with David and Carol, and I was lucky enough to be taken out fishing - catching three whiting I must add, and I'm sure one was the biggest in the boat, even if Phil and David don't agree.  Hels opted not to go shopping but instead stayed and read a book on the sun lounge, also taking in the majestic view over the bay.

Wait for me guys, don't you realise the water is COLD!

We reluctantly dragged ourselves away and travelled to Port Pirie catching up with Ursula & Michael.  Always great to catch up and have a red or two, Michael is a bad influence and leads me astray.  Also had the opportunity to check out Tyson's (their son) new home.

By now we have eaten & drank consistently for close on 3 weeks the belt has gone out a couple of notches, so from Port Augusta onwards we will dine on lettuce and water only!

After leaving Port Pirie we travelled through Port Augusta and further north stopping in a free camp approx 58km NW Glendambo [633] - Mulga Well North Rest Area and have even shed a few clothes layers.  Looking forward to getting into the sunshine again and putting the jumpers, coats & beanies away for a long, long time!

Our view from camp 633, as the cloud build on sunset
So much for wishful thinking, over night the cloud cover came across and I could see flashes of lightening in the distant.  So in the morning we set off northward bound and slowly it became darker and the mist on the windscreen turned into showers of rain.  At this point we decided to stop in Coober Pedy and have a look around, in particular I wanted to go out to the Breakaways as it had been some time since we had seen them.  Well, Coober Pedy is usually a dusty place but as you can imagine the red dust has turned into red mud, so no walks up the street and after driving out to the Breakaway turn off we found that the road had been closed.

Only one thing to do, back to the van and go out for a pizza for dinner ...... bugger the lettuce and water!

Mmmmm ... some viewing platform.

Views of Coober Pedy town

The main street
Coober Pedy has recorded 24mm of rain and it's now red mud under foot so will pack up and keep trucking north today........will get sunshine soooooon!  :o)

some of the underground housing


Red Nomad OZ said...

How weird! Every time we've stayed at Coober Pedy it's rained!! Maybe the whole dry outback thing is a myth!! Haha, only kidding of course, hope you find sunshine soon!

Shell said...

Hey Guys, so sorry we didnt get a chance to catch up. But we are back home now in beautiful Green Etty Bay.
Yes it is warm here too :)
Hope you get warm soon & watch out for the midgies in Darwin, they loved us!!!!!!! If you get over this way look us up :) We too had that problem with the waistline But the Rum Diet was Yum! :) But what the hell you only live once!
Cheers Dave & shell

Geoff n Hels said...

Thanks Guys, At Tennant Creek, warm enough for the shorts now. Still have a truck load of Mozzie coils and locals for the midges. Shell, will get back to Qld one day and catch up.
Cheers Geoff & Hels