The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

07 February, 2013

On the Road

It was high noon on Tuesday 5th February when we loaded our only remaining belongings into the truck and said goodbye to our home in Darwin, heading to "sunny" Queensland to pick up the new home.  Hels had spent many days cleaning while I sold all the furniture and packed, I had to send one box to Brissy via transport so I could find a space for Hels, couldn't leave the chief navigator behind!!!
Not A square cm to spare!!
We made it to Katherine the first night, was just great to have got away ....... no more cleaning or packing, just have to find the wine!!!
Came across the Barkley Hwy through Mt Isa and Cloncurry where we saw our first lot of rain, was looking forward to a picnic lunch at Chinamans Creek but too wet.  As Helen kept telling me we had to slow down we decided to stop for lunch at the Blue Heeler Pub, had a great streak sandwich and coldie.
Will continue down through Longreach, Blackall to Toowoomba arriving on the Goldie next weekish.... must remember - slow down, don't have to get back to work .... he he he!!

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The Retro Roamers said...

Hey Guys

Geezus that was fast traveling. We are currently at Brunswick heads for a couple of weeks before heading back to the Goldie for a week or so, then back down the coast. Might be able to catch up. Drop us an email