The Wandering Tops

The Wandering Tops

28 August, 2012

Day 25 to home

We are still in Broome, have extended our stay by one day and will leave tomorrow, Wednesday 29th for the dash back to Darwin.

We have had a great relaxing week, been able to reflect on the trip across the Gibb and have a few things in the bucket list for next year, yep we will be back!!

Unfortunately we could not do the Horizontal Falls trip this time as seems to be booked out weeks ahead so that's on the bucket list.  We also intended to do the sunset tour on Lake Argyle from Zebra Rock Mine on the way back to Darwin but they have closed for the season so that's on the list also.
Went to Buddha's Sanctuary to get a piccie for Julie of the hand carved crystal Buddha nearly 4 metres tall and set in a beautiful tranquil setting. Also managed to spend some more time at the beach today, in between washing, don't understand why we have to wash when we will be home on Saturday with our own washing machine!. But ... we have to do what we have to do!!!
Had sunset drinks and nibbles on Cable Beach  a must before leaving, even though gets a bit chilly for us!.

Tomorrow we pack up and head east,  will try and stay at Mary's Pool the first night and will be checking out camping spots for our return trip and should be back in Darwin Saturday and for Fathers Day, remember kids!!

Well folks this will probable the last post until the next trip, nothing planned at this point but who knows!!
Last Sunset drinks on Cable Beach, until next time.

Hand carved Cystal Buddha
Well we made it back to Darwin and now settling back to work.  :o(

The trip was pretty uneventfully, staying at Mary Pool the first night.  Was a good camping area very full, about 30 other vans and campers.  The bush across the river from the camp had been burn out and still smoldering, so during the night our camper had smoke all through, making it most uncomfortable and taking a bit to get the smell out over the next few days.
Travelling the next day we also remarked on how much the roadside had been burn between Halls Creek and Timber Creek, seemed to be much more than on our way over.

Our second night was at Saddle Creek, about 100km inside the NT boarder, had a nice sunset and view of the range adjacent the camp.  Again had about 10 other campers with several coming and going during the night, one hire car & camper drove in around 9 and did not even get out the vehicle to set up the pop top just stayed in the vehicle until dawn then drove out??

We continued through to Emerald Spring on Friday for a pub meal and stopped over night.  There was a lot of road noise so didn't enjoy a peaceful night as we would have liked.  Up early Saturday and home for lunch.
Had time in the afternoon to wash the car and camper ............. back to reality. ho hum!!

View at sunset of the small range from Saddle Creek

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The Retro Roamers said...

Hey Geoff & Hels

Love the up dates, and look forward to your next adventures.

Safe travels


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